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PRESS RELEASE: The winners of the PRME LEADERS+20 Competition have been announced

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prme leaders+20 competition

PRESS RELEASE: European Commissioner for Climate Action, Connie Hedegaard and Minister for Research, Innovation and Higher Education in Denmark, Morten Østergaard endorse the global PRME LEADERS+20 Competition

Connie HedegaardThis is the best possible time to encourage the future generation of leaders to present their vision of how sustainability and accountability are to be integrated into the curriculum, education and teaching. Therefore, I enthusiastically support the initiative of the UN and Aarhus University to launch a global competition that aims to establish how future leaders are to be educated in order to handle global challenges -

Morten Østergaard - The leaders of tomorrow will have to rise to the challenges of tomorrow. Therefore, the initiative of Aarhus University and the UN to create a competition that presents ideas on how to integrate sustainability into management education is highly appreciated. Degree programmes are not merely based on learning; they must also deal with societal challenges and contribute to sustainable solutions. In my opinion, nobody is more suited to promote educational initiatives than those involved in the very same field of education –namely future leaders -


Deadline 1 April

Deadline has been postponed!

For all the teams struggling to meet the submission deadline 19 March 2012, we now have good news as the deadline has been postponed to 1 April 2012.

We are excited to see all your inspiring entries.



Giselle Weybrecht recently interviewed Pernille Kallehave, organizer of the PRME LEADERS+20 Competition, for her blog PRiMEtime.

Check out the INTERVIEW at the PRiMEtime blog!

Giselle Weybrecht is author of "Sustainable MBA: The Manager's Guide to Green Business" and writer, speaker, lecturer and consultant on sustainability issues within management education.

Connie Hedegaard

EU Commissioner for Climate Action and member of the United Nations Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability, Connie Hedegaard supports the PRME LEADERS+20 Competition

Connie Hedegaard finds the PRME LEADERS+20 Competition to be spot on with the recommendations to advance education for sustainable development recently issued in the report “Resilient people, resilient planet: A future worth choosing" composed by the United Nations Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability.

View the report here.

State of Green

State of Green now contributes to the 2nd prize "The Danish Experience" with a full day tour to some of the leading companies, politicians or industry experts in Denmark within the field of energy, climate and environment.

The tour is arranged by State of Green and offers 2nd prize winners the opportunity to experience Danish solutions live and get a first-hand account of the lessons learned by Danish companies and institutions in terms of finding solutions to the challenges of both industry and society.

Executive Director at State of Green, Finn Mortensen states: “Sustainable economic growth, security of energy supply and environmental protection are among the greatest global challenges today. Overcoming these challenges will require great leadership and we therefore welcome and support the PRME LEADERS+20 Competition. We see it as a great initiative towards preparing the future generation to handle the global challenges.”


International Management Development Association, CEEMAN announces the PRME LEADERS+20 Competition in their February newsletter.

CEEMAN invites students and lecturers at business schools and universities all over the world to join the PRME LEADERS+20 Competition. In addition CEEMAN invites faculty members to become members of the PRME LEADERS+20 Academic Screening Group.

View the news here.

UN Global Compact

Thanks to the UN Global Compact for posting the PRME LEADERS+20 Competition to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, and featuring the post in their LinkedIn group.

The UN Global Compact also added the competition intro video - which they say is really cool - to the Rio+20 playlist on their YouTube channel, and made the PRME LEADERS+20 Competition a featured channel as well.

The UN Global Compact is the world's largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative. Leaders from around the world will attend the Corporate Sustainability Forum in Rio 15-18 June 2012.

View UN Global Compact on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

Imelda Dunlop

We are excited to announce that Executive Director of Pearl Initiative, Imelda Dunlop, has joined the Award Committee

Imelda Dunlop has created and managed a number of entrepreneurial ventures. She has also worked as a consultant, project manager and trainer specializing in regional strategy and corporate responsibility. In addition, she has represented the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) and led their programs in the Middle East. She researched and authored the IBLF regional publication ‘Business and Youth in the Arab World’ – a sourcebook of good practices for business engagement in youth employment, skills development and entrepreneurship.

The Pearl Initiative is a private sector-led not-for-profit organization set up to improve transparency, accountability and business practices in the Arab world. It is a growing regional membership network of business leaders committed to driving joint action and sharing knowledge and experience.


Pernille Kallehave, Director of Development

Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary Center for Organizational Architecture (ICOA)
Tel.: 21 60 56 59

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