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  • Compete to win one of two unique prizes

    • The Rio Experience
    • The Danish Experience


1st Prize - The Rio Experience

  • Funding for registration***,- travel-, housing,- and living expenses going to Rio de Janeiro June 14-18 June 2012 (funding is equal to 13,000 Euro)*
  • Attending the PRME Global Forum 14-15 June 2012 and engage in roundtable discussions of about 20 students**
  • Attending the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum (Global Compact) 15-18 June 2012**

2nd Prize - The Danish Experience

  • Funding for scholarships for AU Summer University (funding is equal to EUR 4,300)*
  • Funding for scholarships for ESSAM MBA Summer School (funding is equal to EUR 4,300)*
  • A visit to Maersk Copenhagen to hear about their sustainability activities
  • A visit to the world renowned Renewable Energy Island of Samsø to learn how to succeed with a political environmental plan. The visit includes a presentation by Søren Hermansen, Director of Samsø Energy Academy, who will speak on the topic of Using Sustainable Energy for Regional Development, the case of Samsø, the 'Energy Positive' Island.
  • Special invitation to the Town Hall of Aarhus. The visit includes a presentation of Aarhus Municipality's framework conditions for the purpose of creating business growth for the cleantech group; Aarhus Municipality's own efforts within climate and sustainability; and Aarhus Municipality's efforts to motivate citizens and companies to act more sustainably.
  • A full day tour to some of the leading companies, politicians or industry experts in Denmark within the field of energy, climate and environment. The tour is arranged by State of Green and offers you the opportunity to experience Danish solutions live and get a first-hand account of the lessons learned by Danish companies and institutions in terms of finding solutions to the challenges of both industry and society.


* The two prizes comprise to a fixed amount which the winning teams will have to split (e.g. the 1st prize amounts to EUR 13,000 and from that amount teams will have to finance travel,- living- and housing expenses going to and from and staying in Rio de Janeiro).

** The UN offers passes to maximum five team members from the winning team, including the lecturer, in connection with the UN forums in Rio (i.e. the 1st prize).

*** Registration fee for Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum is USD 575 (equal to app. EUR 438)


  • Demonstrate ways to incorporate sustainability aspects in new or existing course descriptions and curricula
  • Engage in teams made up by students and a lecturer and co-create ideas for an updated course description or a new course (description)
  • Compete to win one of two unique prizes:
    • 1st prize - The Rio Experinece
    • 2nd prize - The Danish Experience
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