The United Nations PRME - Principles for Responsible Management Education - and Aarhus University, Denmark, introduces the PRME LEADERS+20 Competition.


Students and lecturers within management-related education are encouraged to team up and co-create the education of LEADERS+20 for a sustainable future:

  • Integrate sustainability perspectives in new or existing course descriptions and curricula
  • Demonstrate an inspiring cross-generational cooperation between students and a lecturer
  • Present your team's innovative ideas in writing and on video
  • Share your team's ideas
  • Win and go to SPEAK UP in Rio de Janeiro!

This competition offers YOU, your fellow team mates and lecturer the opportunity to experience high level policy making first hand and networking with representatives from international businesses, international industries, governments and UN entities.


In +20 years the world population will have exceeded 8.3 billion people.

In +20 years climate changes and the rise in world population will put high pressure on our natural resources and the environment.

In +20 years today's generation of students will be the new leaders in business and society. They will be facing these major challenges, changing the role of leadership in business and society.

The global PRME LEADERS+20 Competition sets focus on two crucial questions:

  • How can we - as universities and business schools - prepare the future generation of leaders to handle these global challenges?
  • How can we - as universities and business schools - provide the future generation of leaders with the knowledge and competencies needed to create sustainable development?

This competition turns these questions into action!


The PRME LEADERS+20 Competition encourages lecturers and students to get involved, join forces and co-create the their ideas for future management-related education.

Invite your students to engage in the implementation of new perspectives in your management-related course. Discuss. Get inspired. Be a role model. Join the competition.

Invite your lecturer to discuss, guide you and your team, and co-create ideas for a draft curricula, cource description (draft), make a written and video presentation demonstrating your ideas, and submit your entries.

JOIN the competition and become part of a global community of students and lecturers engaged in shaping the LEADERS+20.




We are excited to announce that Danish leading supplier of graphic consultancy and solutions, Phoenix Design Aid and Danish biotech company with a strong focus on enzyme production, Novozymes support the PRME LEADERS+20 Competition by each adding EUR 1,500 to the 2nd Prize - The Danish Experience. These welcome sponsorships are earmarked for funding of travel, housing and living expenses going to Denmark.



A once in a lifetime opportunity awaits you and your team. We have designed two unique learning experiences for the winning teams.


1st Prize - The Rio Experience

  • Funding for registration,- travel-, housing,- and living expenses going to Rio de Janeiro June 14-18 June 2012 (funding is equal to EUR 13,000)*
  • Attending the PRME Global Forum 14-15 June 2012 and engage in roundtable discussions of about 20 students**
  • Attending the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum (Global Compact) 15-18 June 2012**


2nd Prize - The Danish Experience

  • Funding for scholarships for AU Summer University (funding is equal to EUR 4,300)*
  • Funding for scholarships for ESSAM MBA Summer School (funding is equal to EUR 4,300)
  • A visit to Maersk Copenhagen to hear about their sustainability activities
  • A visit to the world renowned Renewable Energy Island of Samsø to learn how you can create true commitment and change the world
  • A special invitation to the Town Hall of Aarhus to hear about sustainability efforts in the Danish city Aarhus
  • A full day tour - arranged by State of Green - to some of the leading companies, politicians or industry experts in Denmark within the field of energy, climate and environment.


* The two prizes comprise to a fixed amount which the winning teams will have to split (e.g. the 1st prize amounts to EUR 13,000 and from that amount teams will have to finance travel,- living- and housing expenses going to and from and staying in Rio de Janeiro).

** The UN offers passes to maximum five team members from the winning team, including the lecturer, in connection with the UN forums in Rio (i.e. the 1st prize).



The winner of the 1st prize 'The Rio Experience' is "Managing Change for a Better World"

Congratulations to Dr. Ross McDonald, Sian Coleman and Dan Cullum representing Team Huia!

Next stop Rio+20!

The winner of the 2nd prize 'The Danish Experience' is "Introduction to Sustainable Business"

Congratulations to Dr. Leo Wong, Caitlin Farrell, Rory Kirkpatrick, Cam McCoy, William Pasieka, and Dan Scott representing team PRME Rio+20 MacEwan!

Next stop Denmark!


We are happy to announce the top 10 nominees:

(Outlined in random order)

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Deadline for uploading entries to the PRME LEADERS+20 Competition was 1 April, 2012.

21 great entries have been submitted to the competition! View them all HERE - and don't forget to "like" your favorite entries.

1 April till 7 May 2012 all 21 entries will go through an assessment process:

  • 9 April – 20 April, 2012: Members of the Academic Screening Group place their individual marking - based on an academic and educational perspective. From the initial screening process, the 10 contributions with the best marking will move on to the final judging round assessed by the Award Committee.
  • 20 April – 23 April: The top 10 nominees to continue to the Award Committee assessment are announced here on the competition website.
  • 23 April - 4 may, 2012: The members of the Award Committee place their individual marking of the 10 NOMINEES based on the competition criteria and the business perspectives for future sustainable leadership skills.

Congratulations to all the brave participants - what a global outreach!



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